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Welcome to Mr. Zody's Art, the sanctuary for tattoo enthusiasts and art lovers alike in Spokane, Washington. Nestled in the heart of the city, our private studio offers a unique, personalized experience for each client. Louis Zody, our master tattoo artist, combines years of experience with a passion for artistic excellence to bring your visions to life. Your journey towards a timeless piece of art starts here.

Meet Louis Zody:

The Heart and Soul of Mr. Zody's Art

Louis Zody, a visionary in the world of tattoo artistry, has been transforming skin into stunning canvases for over a decade. With a deep appreciation for both traditional and contemporary styles, Louis brings a unique blend of creativity, precision, and care to every piece. At Mr. Zody's Art, your ideas are nurtured and evolved into custom designs that resonate with your personal story and style.

Our Services

Personalized Tattooing Services Tailored to You

At Mr. Zody's Art, we understand that each tattoo is a personal expression. That's why we offer a comprehensive consultation process to ensure your vision is perfectly captured. Our services include custom design creation, touch-ups, cover-ups, and aftercare advice, all within a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Flash Tattoo Sale: Unleash Your Ink Dreams at Incredible Prices!

Our talented artists are ready to dazzle you with a wide range of pre-designed tattoos, each piece a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned ink enthusiast, there's something for everyone. But hurry – these designs are as fleeting as they are beautiful, available only while supplies last.

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Hear from Our Satisfied Canvas

Discover why our clients choose Mr. Zody's Art for their tattoo journey. Read their stories and experiences about how Louis Zody transformed their ideas into incredible works of art.

“My GO TO Tattoo Shop!”

Working with Louis has been amazing, I love that he has a private space where we aren't bothered by people coming in off the street. He takes the time to ensure my design is perfect and I never feel rushed or pressured into getting started. I'm a lifetime customer!


“Highly Recommend”

Mr. Z is a caring, devoted and affordable tattooer. Every time I come in for a tattoo I feel respected and cared for by Mr Z. He makes me feel right at home and always makes me feel welcome. I would highly recommend getting a tattoo from Mr. Z!


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